Database categorization tool

Why this tool is about ?

Your database is not categorized because :

- it was made a long time ago ?

- the database designer was too stupid to do it at the beginning ?

- a weird reason ... ?

You have lots of database and you can't "cross join" the datas in it ?

It's very annoying when you want to contact someone but the firstname is in a database, the phone number in another one ... etc ...

Breath, we are here to help you :)

With our tool, you can upload as much database as you want.

You create your own categorization !

When a database is uploaded, you can simply categorize it.

If your datas can be joined, we do that for you !

After that, you can export your cleaned datas :)

More explanations ?

How do you merge the datas ?

If we found a matching :

- email address

- phone number

- a unique identifier in your databases

We merge them in a smart and very fast way :)

Need to check your datas ?

Email checker

Our email checker tool can be included in your account :)

Address checker ?

If you have a full texted address field, we can check them (with Google Api) and we split to field in the "computer usable fields".

After that, you can insert them in your database :)

You need some custom tool ?

You only want to check the datas and you don't care about the categorization ?

We can provide you that :)

Your databases are a real mess like : only csv files with all datas in a single column ?

We made to tool that can isolate the fields for you (works at more than 85%).