Email checker tool

Why do I need to check email addresses ?

You want to create some forms that doesn't send an email validation ?

If the email address is not valid, you won't be able to reach your customers / clients ...

You want to send some newsletter emails or informations to your clients ?

If the email address is not valid, you risk to be blacklisted by your email provider (and believe me, that's not cool at all !)

What we can do for you :

We have created a great email verification tool that connects to the email server and check if the mailbox exists.

We will check :

Our tool is delivered as a simple (but secure) API with the full documentation.

You are able to ask what you want to check with 3 levels :

Limitations :

You are allowed to make 1 call / second maximum per access key.

You can have access to an unlimited call or you buy the number of call you want to make !