Form tool

With our "Form tool", you have to possibility to create a "well looking", "reliable" and "strong" way to collect some datas.

You can create "contests", "contact form", etc ... with this tool.

You will have access to a secure backoffice in which you will be able to create, manage, export all our datas. Keep in minds that all your datas belong only to you and are not shared with ANYBODY !

We have 2 formulas : "Basic form" and "Advanced form" :
  Basic Advanced
Ask for :
   - Firstname
   - Lastname
   - Email address
   - Phone number
   - Tiebreaker
   - Opt-in field
   - Legal mention field
   - Free field
Add a quizz
Add a captcha
Possibility add a start and end date
Possibility to customize the texts
Check email validity Available if you choose to add our "email checker" tool
Use Fontawesome
Customize the css style
Receive an email when someone submits the form
Embed the form in our great "iframe tool"
With this option, you can embed our form in any of your page !
So if you want to "own" design but not to code a secure form, it's the best solution !
Available if you choose to add our "iframe tool"
Redirect to any url when the form is completed
Also work with our "iframe tool"