iFrame tool

With our iFrame tool, you will be able to embed any of your page on any site you want.

How it works ?

It works like a Facebook tab / app, your page is in an iFrame in Facebook website. They bring you a SDK that allow you to adapt your iFrame.

Here, it's the same but you can be Facebook but in a like bit more secure way :)

Now you will say "Yes but with an iframe, you have to provide a height and that's not cool when you load another page" ...

-> NO it will automatically adapt the height by itself !

But the security ?

With our module, you can parameter the domain that is allow to display your frame. So if someone wants to "steal" your iFrame, it's just not possible :)

Browser performance ?

"If it's automatic, there should be some lack of performance".

Not with our tool, it's optimized :) Your computer will not burn !

Hard to install ?

Not at all :D You will need to add our javascript lib and add a simple html tag.

It's as simple as that. You don't need to write javascript code or need to understand javascript or whatever ...

I want my embed page to send information to the parent page !

Great, you can do that too with our tool :)

It's simple, in the embed page, you have to use a js function to send information. On the parent page, you have a listener function to catch your data (it's secure too).

A good example ?

Our contact form is in our iframe tool.