Bug Concept
Bug Concept

BUG Concept

Smart - Skilled - Optimized

We are a development consultancy agency

What's different from others ?

Simple : we think before acting and we like challenges :)

Take a look !

Experienced in mobile apps development

We made a bunch of great and famous apps !

iOS apps (objective C) : 6 years of experience !
Android apps (java) : 2 years of experience !

Custom web apps analysis and creation

We have more than 8 years of development experience in :

Strong analysis
SDK development
Performance, optimization, fast
Contest development
Games development

Strong and well constructed database

You will never believe us but we are specialized in that too !


There is more !

Maybe you need some very custom apps !

These are a few things we can easily do :

A super fast SMS platform ?
A very complicated social website ?
You want your own "ad" platform ?
Your video game ?
A specific platform that will covers all your needs ?
Image resizing on the fly ?
Better : video conversion on the fly ?

The cherry on top of the cake ?
With us, you will be sure that YOUR datas will be in a SAFE place.
Also, we HATE outsourcing, everything is made by us :)